Ordered Groups and Lattices in Algebraic Logic

Tbilisi, Georgia. September 20-23, 2011

The conference “Ordered Groups and Lattices in Algebraic Logic"
(OGLAL2011), to be held in Tbilisi, is part of the regular series “Order and Algebra in Logic”, started in Napoli in 1991
(“Order in Algebra and Logic with application”, I; 1991, University of Napoli, Italy). 

“Ordered groups and lattices in algebraic logic” follows the aim and the scope of the conference “Lattice-Ordered Groups and MV-Algebras: Interaction and Impact on Algebras of Logic” hold in 2010 in Buenos Aires.

The main topics of the conference:

The merging of the two communities of ordered group-theorists and algebraic logicians (in many-valued and partly in modal logic) has resulted in the cross-fertilization of both areas, and in interesting applications of non-classical logics to the treatment of uncertain information:  feedback coding, de Finetti coherent probability assessments, Renyi-Ulam-Giles games, Cimmino-Butnariu-Shklyar projection algorithms in coalition game theory.

This conference is dedicated to the memory of Professor Leo Esakia

Organization and Financial support: